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Tips for Planning a Charter Cruise Around Auckland Harbour

Auckland Harbour Yacht Trip
Cruise It! Plan It!
Efficient and early planning for a charter around Auckland Waitemata Harbour and Hauraki Gulf for the busy summer season is important to maximize you budget. This will allow you and your group to know what to expect and also if for any reason you cannot fulfill or arrive for your trip. Summer (for NZ typically December to February) being popular for harbour tours, and perhaps your keen expectation after the winter months is an event to look forward to. New Zealand's "City of Sails" has plenty to offer in addition to yachting, fishing, diving, swimming, partying, or relaxing on the clean pristine waters around the Waitemata (In Maori language meaning "obsidian waters" - glassy surface). Maybe you want to catch or learn (re-learn?) to knot and rig up (NZ Fishing Net Website) for one of NZ's delicate fish, the Snapper. Maybe celebrate a birthday, perhaps enjoy a evening dinner cruise, or visit nearby islands such as Motutapu or Rangitoto. Image of Sailing in the Sun by mjio.

Charter Selection Booking Tips

- Perhaps select a local company, and read reviews online (including place pages in Google search results), advice from family and friends to utilize a company that appeals to you.
- Costing - If their are a range of plans to suit your budget, method of payment, amount of deposit, and process for final payment. This might be online, or cash transfer prior to wharf departure. For example you might want to extend your trip beyond the inner harbor depending on any additional cost/benefit ratio, and of suitable departure/return times and duration. 2 hours, 3, or 5 hours?
- Policy for changes - Ask about any refundable deposit, or possible upgrade/downgrade to any package tours. Or cancellation or postponement, and if bad weather or marine conditions allows any postponement or refund. Though of course you may want to check weather and marine forecasts at the NZ Met Service Website.
- Provision of supplies, e.g. fishing and diving equipment, and snacks, full meals, and beverages. Whether their are additional fees, and if you can supply your own gears. This might include services and sundries like clothing, photo and video recordings, first aid supplies, and other features, such as music, video training, yachting and fishing tips.
-Safety precautions - Important if you have children, or those that cannot swim. Will any advice and training be provided? Certification, e.g. skipper qualifications or similar that you can ask about and that the company can demonstrate or show evidence (Though most likely). Ask for skipper credentials, or perhaps consultation if you feel it's necessary. Perhaps ask about fishing and diving regulations, marine communication channels, and back up plans.
- Suitable below deck amenities, including rest/bedding facilities in the cabin, e.g. for resting children, or if someone becomes tired or sick.
- Remember your own supplies - mobile phone, camera, camcorder, spare memory cards, spare clothing (e.g. wind jacket, gloves, and sun hat) and toweling, sunglasses (extra pair?), sunscreen, water bottle, mints, radio, etc; - maybe other supplies. Do list them in the comments section below.

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Hence with suitable planning and research with your group, charter company, weather and sea forecasts, and yourself, can elevate you in a better frame of mind. This will allow you to enjoy, and perhaps remember your outing within the waters of Auckland's Waitemata Harbour, and that you have get value long after hiring a charter company.